Shipment Option Price Explanation
In Turkey over 15.000 TL orders Free Orders up to 14:00 are shipped on the same business day.
Worldwide shipping Buyer Pays If the buyer has a contracted cargo company, it can be delivered in this way.

Cargo shipments are made on Monday and Friday working days.

♦ Cargo service is not provided on weekends.

Delivery and Returns prioritizes the security of our customers who make purchases from the website and checks the payment / billing information from the moment of your order on our e-commerce site. Therefore, order has to arrive at the supply and delivery stage, it is necessary to confirm the accuracy of the payment / billing information of order.

According to the physical structure of your shopping orders are delivered within 1 to 3 business days in Istanbul, outside of Istanbul are delivered within 1 to 7 working days by the shipping companies, the delivery time may depend on the product / service structure , or may not require physical delivery.


Weekend Orders

The orders which are purchased after Friday 14:00 will be process next Monday that is why can not be deliver before Tuesday. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays.


Stock Issues

Service may be temporarily stopped due to the updating of the products. For stock information in some product groups, please contact to us by mail or phone.


Address Info

Please write your address details as clear as possible . You can even type the description of your address, if any. (Example: the third street, etc.)


Pay At The Door

We do not have the possibility to pay cash during delivery of your orders.


Missing Orders

Please open the package which you received in front of the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any inaccuracies or deficiencies, please contact us immediately.


Shipping Fees

The orders which given inside of Turkey amount over 5.000TL shipping is free for customers. All amounts below that amount , customers pay shipping cost.


How long is the return period?

Generally, you can return the products within ten days. Package should not be opened or damaged.


What are the terms of return?

You can find the necessary informations at the below for return products. If any of these items are missing, product return is not accepted.

- Product invoice,

- Return form,

- The products to be returned within a period of 10 days must be delivered complete and undamaged with the package, activation code.

The return of product amounts will be processed on the day the product arrives. Your reflection period on your account is at the discretion of your bank. Refunds to the credit card shall be deposited within 45 days and the payments made by the remittance shall be reflected to the account within one week.


Important Security Elements:

Contrary to popular belief, users' credit card information is often played in physical environments, not on online shopping. Therefore, be careful when using your credit card in daily life, do not give your credit card number, expiration date and CVC (Security number) number to others. The e-commerce sites that take measures against fraudsters trying to shop with credit card information stolen in physical environments such as restaurants, shops, etc. contact the real owner of the credit card as soon as they catch these fraudsters and cooperate in such cases. Carefully check the end-of-month statement information and contact companies for purchases that do not mean anything to you.

When you shopping online choose well known companies. In this way, you can get detailed information about all the issues. If you don't trust, please confirm by phone before shopping.